Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

The Seeping Solvent Solution

The Seeping Solvent Solution

Solvents are widespread.  They commonly used in virtually every production-, industry-, laboratory- and development-facility world-wide.  Sadly, solvent vapours can permeate though virtually any material or barrier and get into areas where they really shouldn't be!  They then condense back to liquids and cause problems.

The solution comes with Versaperm’s equipment which can test and measure this (vapour permeability) for any material, product casing, seal, gasket, O-ring or mastic. It can do this using either material samples, components or the products themselves. 

Many of the most common solvents are hydrocarbon based and not only does the Versaperm range include specialist sensors for these, but it also offers a mass spectroscopy sensor which can measure the permeability of all of the individual constituents of any gas with a single measurement.

Problems related to solvents and permeabilities are found in applications from aerospace through to food production, and from general manufacturing, engineering and pharmaceutical, through to sterile medical equipment. 

Versaperm’s equipment provides fast, accurate measurements for all of them - usually in the PPM (parts per million range) to PPB ranges.  Measurements are computer-controlled and the equipment can measure the vapour permeability of several samples, seals, enclosures or products at a time. 

In addition to manufacturing the instruments, Versaperm provides a technical consultancy and a measurement/testing service for companies that only need testing on an irregular basis.


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