Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


The critical permeability of

    The critical permeability of DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEMS

Fortunately Versaperm's new multi-vapour mass-spectrometer based permeability meter can swiftly measure the vapour permeability for delivery system, not just for water vapour, the world's most widespread contaminant, but also for pretty much everything else. 

On the contamination side medical packaging must keep drug and other medical products, coatings, multi-layer laminates and systems undamaged, sterile and contamination free.   Often this is easier said than done as the contaminants seep in through the material walls of the medical package. 

The same new Versaperm's permeability meter can measure both drug delivery systems and a huge range of materials and enclosures – from wound dressings to slow release medications to foil laminates and from blister packaging to inhalers, syringes - and even medical gas lines or analytical instrument enclosures, to an accuracy in the parts per million range, and even parts per billion for some gasses and materials. 

It can also provide measurements of substances that might otherwise be decomposed by normal measurement techniques.

As well as manufacturing the instruments, Versaperm offers a consultancy and a permeability laboratory service for companies that need to test samples on an irregular basis.



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