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The impossible problem

Vapour permeability for business - The impossible problem
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UK businesses have a simple but impossible task to solve a problem that costs them several billion pounds a year.  Water, as a vapour, can permeate through every single material and causes electronics to fail, machines to jam, drugs to lose potency, printing that loses quality, food to rot, drugs to lose potency and metals to rust. 

There is no perfect cure, but Versaperm can often dramatically improve the situation as its systems measure the vapour permeability not just through raw materials, but through finished components and products as well.  This allows users to quality control their processes and develop products that using better materials and even laminates specifically customised for your products. 
Vapour permeability is not intuitive – a material that is excellent at keeping out liquid water may allow water vapour to pass through almost as if it wasn't there.  Cellulose, EVOH and PVOH are good examples of this.  Additionally, manufacturing processes such as bending or thermoforming can increase the flow of vapour through a material by a factor of four, simply changing material can make many thousands of times difference to the results.

Versaperm's latest permeability measuring equipment offers a quick and easy method for determining the vapour permeability of virtually any system, component, product or material.  It allows you to quantify the problem accurately and develop practical solutions. It is suited to both development and QC roles.

The Versaperm system is usually accurate in the Parts Per Million (PPM) to PPB range, in some cases taking just 30 minutes to do it. The equipment can optionally measure permeability not just for water vapour, but for virtually any other gas or vapour used by industry, including oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, helium and nitrogen.  The system can measure several material samples, seals, enclosures or products at a time. 

The company also runs a technical consultancy and a laboratory testing service.


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