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Transdermal drug delivery systems and Wound dressings

Transdermal drug delivery systems and Wound dressings

Transdermal drug-delivery patches rely on the vapour permeability of their multiple layer construction.  As do wound dressings.    Both employ membranes and adhesive layers that need to be permeable to medication but impermeable to water vapour and contaminants.  Time release and hydrocolloid layers need additional vapour permeability features.

Versaperm’s range of specialised vapour meters deliver accurate permeability measurements for each and all of the different medical and contaminate vapours with just one single overall measurement.  

The equipment is fast, simple to use, accurate and can measure the permeability of either an individual layer, or an entire, complex, multi-layer laminated structure.  The system provides repeatable accuracies in the Parts Per Million (PPM)to PPB ranges.

It can measure multiple samples at the same time and can run under different environmental conditions or cycles.

Vapour permeability is usually the determining factor in developing new or enhanced products to optimise dose delivery rates and reduce contamination for individual medications.

As well as developing and manufacturing the equipment, Versaperm offers a technical consultancy and a quick-turn-around laboratory testing service.


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