Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


Underground optical cables and electronic devices
and their problems

    Below ground optical cables and electronic devices

Underground electronic equipment – from optic fibres to telecoms, sensor or engineering products all suffer from moisture problems.  Liquid water is relatively easy to keep out but it is physically impossible to keep water vapour out as it can permeate through any material, Optical fibres are particularly prone to problems, especially for trans-continental or sensor-based applications. The vapour permeability of the casing of an underground product is also critical and getting it wright can mean the difference between success and equipment failure – and that's where Versaperm equipment can make a huge difference.

Versapem's latest equipment can measure the vapour permeability of an products outer case or optic fibre quickly and with an accuracy well into the Parts Per Million (PPM) and sometimes PPB ranges.   This is even more important as the manufacturing processes themselves can easily affect a material's vapour permeability by a multiplying factor of four. Published permeability values do not take this into account.

The system can determine the value not just for water vapour but for almost any gas – including acidic or hydrocarbon vapours.  It can also control a wide range of physical or environmental conditions from temperature (-80 C to over +1000 C ), pressure, environment and partial pressure / humidity. 

Water vapour permeability is exceptionally critical for optical fibres not only because the strength of polymer coated fibres depends on it but also due to a spectral shift response of optical whispering-gallery modes which is due to the adsorption and desorption of water molecules.

As well as designing, manufacturing and supplying the equipment to laboratories, including standards laboratories around the world, Versaperm additionally offers both laboratory testing and consultancy services.


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