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Vapour Permeability and Keeping drinks & Wine Fresh From Fermentation through to Bottles, Corks & Twist-Tops

Vapour Permeability and Keeping drinks & Wine Fresh From Fermentation through to Bottles, Corks & Twist-Tops
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Nitrogen is widely used throughout the drinks and wine making industry as it reduces oxidation and helps the natural acidity, colour, aromas and flavour of the wine to be well preserved. However nitrogen can flow out of bottles, barrels and during the wine fermentation process and, more importantly, oxygen can flow in. And this is where Versaperm's technology leading permeability measurement equipment can make its crucial difference

A whole industry has grown up producing a wide range of screw-tops, natural and artificial corks; plastic and foil-laminated containers which need to be available with a wide range of oxygen, nitrogen and CO2 permeabilities to match the individual characteristics of each wine.
Versaperm's permeability measurement system can determine this for all of the stages, not just for development and quality control, but also during the fermentation process.  It is fast, accurate and offers sensitivities in the parts per million range.  It can even produce some results in as little as 30 minutes for certain materials and gases, whereas conventional testing take days or weeks and is usually less reliable.   The new Versaperm system can be used for corks, samples, bottles, containers, laminates, tubes and processing equipment.

And, as yet another bonus, it can optionally be used to test not just for Nitrogen, Oxygen and CO2 but for almost any other gas or vapour. 

Versaperm additionally offers a quick turnaround laboratory testing service for companies that test too few samples to make the purchase of equipment viable.  


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