Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Vapour permeability causes spectral shifts and fatigue in optical fibres

Vapour permeability causes spectral shifts and fatigue

Optic fibres are affected by moisture.  Not only does water cause the spectral shift response in optical whispering-gallery modes but it can physically migrate into surface flaws causing a chemical reaction which fatigues the fibres. Data transmission and the use of fibres as sensors are both affected.

As a liquid, water is relatively easy to keep out but it is physically impossible to stop water vapour permeating through the material of the optical fibre. This causes issues for underground, trans-continental and sensor-based applications. Versaperm’s specialist equipment can make a huge difference.

Versaperm’s latest system can quantify both the vapour permeability of the outer case and the optical fibre. Measurement precision is in the Parts Per Million (PPM) to PPB, ranges.   It is important to test the actual optical fibres as the manufacturing processes alters vapour permeability, sometimes by a factor of four!

The vapour permeability meter can also control a wide range of environmental conditions from temperature (-80 C to over +1000 C), pressure (up to 300 bar), environment and partial pressure / humidity.  It can optionally measure permeability for any non-dangerous gas.

Versaperm additionally offers laboratory testing and consultancy services.


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