Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Contamination, wound dressings and transdermal drug delivery

Wound dressings transdermal drug delivery

What links contamination, wound dressings and transdermal drug-delivery patches?  Vapour permeability.   All these rely critically on vapour permeability. Pathogens etc. are often transferred via water vapour. Adhesive layers and membranes need to be permeable to medications but impermeable to external water vapour.  Even time release and hydrocolloid layers also depend on vapour permeability.

Versaperm’s specialised equipment ranges offer accurate permeability measurements for all medical gases and materials, It is fast, simple to use and can measure the permeability of either each individual layer, or complete, complex, multi-layer laminated structures.  The system provides repeatable accuracies in the in Parts Per Million (PPM) range, and even PPB for some materials.

Additionally vapour permeability is almost always the definitive factor in extending the shelf-life due to contamination.  It is critical for drug potency reduction. It is also vital in the production of products that optimise dose delivery rates for specific medications.

As well as developing and manufacturing the equipment, Versaperm offers a technical consultancy and a quick-turn-around laboratory testing service.


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