Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


Testing the Vapours

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Versaperm has introduced a responsive new laboratory instrument for measuring the vapour permeability of materials under variable conditions, and against a wide range of gases, including water and hydrocarbon based vapours, O2, N2 and He, etc.

The meter can measure the permeability and diffusive flow across films, solid materials, seals, equipment and enclosures.  It can even take measurements through, for example, something as thick as a wall.  Most materials, seals, tubes and products are subject to vapour diffusion, which leads to performance problems, resulting in anything from reduced drug potency, through to reduce product shelf-life or even electronics failure.   

The Versaperm meter can determine vapour permeability for almost any material and gas, and can produce results in as little as 30 minutes. Conventional gravimetric measurement takes days or even weeks. 

The new instrument is highly automated and provides extremely reliable and reproducible results, which may be as accurate to a few part per million, with some samples a few parts per hundred million.

Versaperm also offers a comprehensive permeability and diffusive flow testing service.


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