Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


Anaesthetics, medical gasses, drugs contamination and packaging are all critically dependent on vapour permeability

    medical & its packaging vapour permeability

Permeability leader Versaperm has introduced a sensitive new mass spectrometry based instrument to measure the critical property of vapour permeability for a vast range of gases, including anaesthetics, O2, medical or contaminant gases, water vapour and even trace gases.

Vapour permeability is critically important not just for contamination, sterilization and medical gas lines but also for drug delivery systems - from inhalers to transdermal patches and on to unitary dose packaging.

Most pharmaceuticals, packages and equipment are subject to gas leaching which can lead to serious consequences, such as drug potency and equipment problems.   Versaperm's new version equipment can measure this not just for materials but also for finished packages such as unitary dose blisters, tubing, seals and medical equipment.

The system is fast, easy to used and accurate in the PPM (Parts Per Million) to PPB ranges. It provides a highly automated computerised control and can be configured to measure several samples at the same time.

Versaperm also offers a technical consultancy as well as a laboratory testing service for companies who test too few samples to make the purchase of equipment viable.


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