Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

A testing service for paper, packaging & coatings

Paper permeability and coating testing
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Permeability is vital in real-world applications as it dramatically affects characteristics such as whether systems leak, components rust or fuel tanks explode, it also controls print- and paint-ability along with the shelf life of food & pharmaceuticals.  It is critical to the quality control of a huge range of products and processes.

Versaperm, a world technology leader in permeability measurement, offers a fast and effective permeability testing service for the paper, packaging and coating industries.  Permeability is almost invariably a key physical characteristic as it controls such things as print quality, paper handling, barrier properties and often strength.  Relatively small changes to the makeup of a coating can result in disproportionately large changes to product performance. 

The novel uses and technical demands on paper have changed substantially over recent years.  Marketers, printers, container manufacturers and other users demand ever more advanced performance.  The Versaperm testing service has been introduced in response to this need.  It is fast, accurate and is supported by the company’s consultancy division, which has over twenty years specialised experience in this area.  Samples can often be turned around in 24 hours. 

To achieve high precision and fast turn-around Versaperm developed its own permeability measurement instrumentation which can measure this not only for water vapour but also for oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, petrochemicals and most other gaseous elements.  Depending on the sample and gas, measurements are accurate to better than one part per million (with some samples a few parts per hundred million).