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WVTR Meter

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Rogue water vapour causes hundreds of millions of pounds of problems, failure and waste in the UK each year – to mention nothing of trouble caused by escaping Hydrocarbons, Oxygen, Nitrogen and a wide range of other gases.

Now permeability experts Versaperm are offering a fast and economical permeability testing service for everything from material samples through to seals and on to enclosures and finished products.  Permeability testing is a major feature in the packaging, food, automotive, aerospace, marine, pharmaceutical and many other industries.

Versaperm can measure the permeability of a huge range of products, materials, coatings and packages against water vapour and a wide range of gases – from sachets to sugar coating and from medical to missile enclosures.  It can also provide measurements of the equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) of substances such as muesli that might otherwise be decomposed by normal water content measuring techniques.

The company uses its own-developed WVTR (Water Vapour Transmission) equipment, which can produce accurate and reliable results, often to a few parts per million – sometimes in the parts per hundreds of million range.  With some materials these results can be achieved in as little as 30 minutes.

The technology service is considerably faster and more accurate than using conventional gravimetric techniques (which can take days or even weeks).  A 24-48 hour turnaround is standard.


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