Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


- the world’s most damaging contaminant

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It is critically important that pharmaceuticals do not become contaminated – and the world’s most damaging contaminant is water – especially as a vapour where it can pass straight through many plastic packaging materials. Added to this, the process of manufacturing and forming blisters reduces the material of a blister pack’s ability to keep water vapour out by around 75%, so it is important to measure and check the resulting permeability to avoid contamination.

Versaperm Limited, a world technology leader, has launched a new instrument for the fast and accurate measurement of water vapour permeability. As a bonus, it can be configured to measure the diffusion rates of most gaseous elements (water, O2, CO2 etc).

Water reduces the potency and shelf life of a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical products – sometimes dramatically!

The new WVTR (Water Vapour Transmission Rate) meter can be used to test virtually all flat material samples and finished packaging types. It allows the temperature and humidity of the sample to be accurately controlled.

The MK VI meter’s highly automated computerised control can cope with several samples at a time - and still give a reading in as little as 30 minutes for some materials. The conventionally gravimetric measurement technique takes several days and gives significantly less accurate and reproducible results.

Accuracy is around one part per million (with some samples a few parts per hundred million). Sensitivities are typically in the range 0.05 - 3200g/m2/day. The company also runs a laboratory sample testing service.


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