Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


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Proman Coatings Ltd, formulates and supplies high performance barrier coatings for the global packaging market, specialising on water-based barrier coatings for the paper and board. To test the all-important permeability the company relies on a Versaperm WVTR (Water Vapour Transmission) meter which it uses on a daily basis.

Getting the permeability of the coating right is crucially important as it helps preserve the product. Without it food products become stale too quickly, cornflakes go soggy, healthcare and soap powder products can deteriorate. Every year in the UK alone, hundreds of millions of pounds are wasted - and the products simply thrown away, simply because the packaging isn’t up to the job of preserving the contents.

According to Tony Ward from Proman “We test and develop literally hundreds of emulsion polymer barriers. Their properties are crucial, not just for preserving products, but also for printability, paper handling and to ensure that they can be fully recycled without contaminating effluent, or forming agglomerations (stickies) in the recycled sheet. Our WVTR meter is a vital part in this process, often giving us results in a few hours. This compares very favourably with conventional Gravimetric testing technique which takes days, or even weeks, to produce a single result.”

The Versaperm WVTR Meter is accurate to better than one part per million (with some samples a few parts per hundred million) and sensitivities are in the range 0.05 – 3200g/m2/day.


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