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Although people tend to overlook vapour permeability, it is usually the critical characteristic in a product or material when it comes not just to sealing but also for handling, breathability, printability and a host of other physical qualities. It’s partly because measurement was traditionally difficult, time consuming and of limited accuracy and partly due to the concept that if a barrier works for a liquid, it will also work for that liquid’s vapour.  Unfortunate this is almost universally wrong.  Wastage due to incorrect permeability runs into billions of pounds a year in the UK alone.

When it comes to vapour, many plastic and rubber materials are surprisingly poor at keeping them in or out.   Now, thanks to Versaperm, measuring this effect has become a lot easier, not just with respect to water vapour, but also for hydrocarbons, oxygen, solvents, CO2 and most other gases or vapours. 

Versaperm’s new equipment is fast, taking as little as 30 minutes for some materials.  It’s also easy and accurate, measuring in the parts per million range, (parts per billion for some gases and materials) and it is ideal for use on most plastics or rubber materials, containers, films coatings and components.

Understanding permeability can help to eliminate numerous widespread problems - from pharmaceutical capsules that lose potency, to printers that jam and containers that leak.  It also allows companies to design packaging that substantially extends the active shelf life of degradable products.   

As well as manufacturing the instruments, Versaperm provides consultancy service and laboratory testing for companies that need to test samples on an irregular basis.


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