Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement



Versaperm Limited, a water vapour permeability technology company, was formed by the acquisition of GW Cheel Scientific Instruments, with the aim of both selling water vapour permeability measurement equipment and running a laboratory service in the same field.

Versaperm Limited is managed by Christopher Roberts, a scientist businessman, who has nearly 20 years experience in the coatings and packaging industry, and is an expert on water permeability and the way it can effect a material's or product's performance. The company is dedicated to providing customer-focussed and personalised service with rapid response times.

GW Cheel Scientific Instruments itself had a dozen years experience in the international market place and was led by Gordon Cheel. Gordon has a well-deserved reputation and is well known across a wide range of industries. His encyclopaedic knowledge of water vapour technology and barriers has been acquired over 30 years in the field.

GW Cheel Scientific Instruments was, in turn, formed on the purchase of the WVTR meter business from EPS (Research and Development) Limited. The original EPS WVTR Meters were manufactured in 1974 by a team that included Gordon.

The original WVTR meters have undergone a series of radical developments over the years as new technology has made the measurements simpler, faster and considerably more accurate. Today, accuracies of better than one part in ten million can be achieved and the meters are a robust workhorse in many laboratories around the world. Indeed, some of the earliest equipment is still in-place and working on a regular basis.




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