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Refrigerant (and other) Gasses The Problem of Permeability

Permeability Refrigerant (and other) Gasses The Problem of Permeability
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Refrigerant gases can be found everywhere, in air conditioning in cars and buildings, not to mention the humble fridge itself (and three million of them are junked each year in the UK alone).  Cold gases such as propane are also widespread. Although modern refrigerants such as Tetrafluoroethane, Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia, Propane etc. are less damaging then the CFC's of the past, they still have problems and leakage of these gases in not only an environmental concern but also reduces the effectiveness of the fridge! Modern gases can use higher pressures which makes the couplings, joints, piping, O-rings and gaskets even more subject to leakage.

Traditional gravimetric measurements of this were incredibly slow, taking weeks or months, but a new breed of much faster instrumental equipment evolved that can make measurements in as little as 30 minutes in some cases.  The latest development is the new Versaperm Permeability Meter with its high accuracy, repeatability and speed.

The equipment can measure the permeability of each of the components either separately or as complete refrigeration system. Pressure and temperature can both be controlled and you can measure the permeability for just about any conceivable combination or gases.

An array of different sensors using different physical principals, enable Versaperm's equipment to characterise an ever expanding range of materials, compounds, containers, products and laminates.
The permeability meter is highly automated and can cope with several samples at a time.  It needs very little re-calibration and requires, at most, minimal training.  Sensitivities depend on sensors, gases and materials but are usually in the PPM (Parts Per Million) range, PPB for some materials. Results are both accurate and highly repeatable.

Versaperm also offers a consultancy service for laboratories that need to measure permeability of complex new materials and assemblages.


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