Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

You’re never alone with a rubber duck*”
Problems with Multilayer Plastics & Coatings

You’re never alone with a rubber duck

* Douglas Adams's Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy series.

Multilayer plastics, rubber and coatings are everywhere. And in almost every product, package or piece of equipment where they are used, they need to keep water, or some other vapour, either in or out. Versaperm systems are dedicated to making sure these materials and products do their job properly.

In a surprising number of materials, they don’t this well at all.  Consider the examples of silicone or cellulose. Both are widely used and both excel at keeping out liquids such as water.  But when it comes to some vapours they are little better than useless. These then permeate through the materials and condense on the other side where they cause problems such as rotting food or short-circuiting electronics.

Controlling vapour permeability helps to prevent this. It can extend product life or improve quality.  It protects your phone, TV and computer.  It and can even stop pizza from going soggy. 

Versaperm equipment can measure the vapour permeability for everything from thin films and coatings through to finished products, produce and packaging. It allows you to prevent failures and often dramatically extends product life.

The Versaperm equipment is both sensitive and accurate, giving results with Parts Per Million (PPM) to Parts Per Billion precision. It can measure several samples at the same for any gas or gases and even control environmental conditions such as temperature and pressure. It can cycle through diurnal or other variations.

It can be used across huge range of materials and all non-prohibited gasses – including water vapour, oxygen, helium, nitrogen CO2 and hydrocarbons. 

Versaperm’s modular approach also allows system customised for around the same cost as a standard meter. The equipment is used by companies, universities and National Standards Institutions around the world.



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