Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

The world’s worst contaminants
or why things fail, jam and rust


Why things fail, jam and rust

Rust alone costs the world some US $2.2 trillion a year.*  Food waste at least another trillion on top of that.** The cause is water vapour and oxygen permeating into and out of places they shouldn’t be. These, and indeed all gasses, can permeate through any material. Sometimes condensing in the wrong place and causing damage.

If you add in product, system, electronics and equipment failure, the cost just goes higher.  You can’t stop it, but you can control it, and that’s where Versaperm’s Vapour Permeability systems come in.  They can measure the amount of water, oxygen, or vapour that flows through any coating, laminate, material or barrier.  They can also measure the total permeability of a component, container or fully finished product. With some materials and coatings you can get a result in as little as thirty minutes.
The system’s mass spectrometer allows you to measure vapour permeability for any gas†

Versaperm’s vapour permeability equipment is simple to use and provides accuracies in the Parts Per Million (PPM) range for most materials and gasses and PPB for some.  It can optionally be configured to operate under an extremely wide range of temperatures, pressures and even cyclical environments. 

As well as providing the equipment, Versaperm also offers a comprehensive permeability laboratory-based testing service for companies who don’t wish to purchase their own equipment.


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† Poisons and radioactive gasses can only be employed in properly certificated establishments.

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