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Wrap Rage - The fury caused by packaging you can’t open

Wrap Rage - The fury caused by packaging you can’t open

Four out of ten people say they have hurt themselves while trying to open packaging in the last two years1. 

And packaging that tears too easily causes spilled products, spoiled products and products with a shortened shelf life.  Either way it is not just an annoying nuisance but a serious problem – Wrap-Rage is very real and almost everyone suffers from it!

The solution to wrap-rage is Versaperm's latest computer controlled, automated, off-line SIV non-destructive seal and burst strength tester, which checks how easy, or hard it is to unseal the pack.

And as an optional bonus the system can simulate what happens to the pack when it is transported at the low pressures and high altitudes that arise when products are shipped by air.

Results can be linked into a QC system to allow manufacturers to spot trends early so they can stop them before they become a problem.

The Versaperm SIV system can test the seal strength of a bag even when it is inside a box.  It is fully compliant with CE and ISO 9001 standards and helps to eliminate both wrap rage as well as burst and spoiled packaging.

Wrap Rage is a real and widespread problem, Versaperm has a very simple solution!



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