Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


servceWe service and intend to continue to service the EPS WVTR meters produced for over 30 years, alongside our modern Versaperm permeability instruments.

The older simpler WVTR instruments still require regular maintenance, for example the electronics to be calibrated. Electrolytic cells are refurbished and recoated as required.

The modern highly automated instruments are designed to be as robust and reliable as their manual counterparts, but still require regular maintenance and calibration. While as much as possible is automated or included in the normal operating procedures, calibration may require site servicing



Upgrades are available for many aspects of the instruments, although it is often more economical to trade in the older instruments and purchase a newer model.

Monitoring software for the digital WVTR meters is also available, which can be used to replace chart recorders