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    Cosmetics, Medical Packaging and vapour permeability


The main role of medical, healthcare and cosmetic packaging is to keep its contents in perfect condition, possibly for a long time.  To do this they must be made from materials that generally need to reduce oxygen, fragrance and water loss, or ingress, at the same time as increasing shelf life.  Sadly these demands often compete with each other and packaging (often multi-layer packaging) must balance them out.  Surprisingly all of these separate factors are controlled by just one thing - the vapour permeability of the packaging.

Versaperm's latest multi-gas permeability measurement equipment uses mass spectroscopy and other techniques to allow developers and QC departments to measure them with in just one test!  It can even do this, when required, under a wide range of temperature and other environmental conditions, allowing it to test the effect of both the manufacturing techniques and the materials being used. 

Blow moulding, for example, can decrease packaging's effectiveness by a factor of four.  This makes a dramatic difference and governs whether a medicine's potency or aromatic volatiles / moisturisers are being retained properly.  It also indicates how moisture and oxygen are being excluded to preserve the content's, for example, the often critically delicate unsaturated lipid bonds.

Testing and optimising can make a real difference to a product's quality and shelf life as well as a medicine's potency or a cosmetic's fragrance.

Versaperm's system can measure the vapour permeability of materials, samples, tubes, vials, thermoformed pots, bottles, sachets, foils, laminates, films and other barriers.  It can do this against many gasses at the same time with an accuracy is typical in the PPM (Parts Per Million) range - with Parts Per Billion for some gasses and materials. 

It is ideal for use in both product development and quality control environments.  Additionally, Versaperm offers a consultancy service and a permeability laboratory service for companies that only need to test samples on an irregular basis.


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