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    Safety-Critical Fumigation Testing


A cosmetic’s packaging has many roles, it must keep top-note volatile aromas in but keep other gases, such oxygen, out. It needs to prevent microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, from developing and moisture from seeping either out or in.  It is also often critical in how printable the package is.  Every product and formulation requires a different balance between the different vapours, no matter whether it is to be available in a tub, tube, sachet, package or other container.
And that’s where Versaperm comes in with its multi-gas mass-spectrometry based permeability measuring system, which can measure the various vapour permeabilities of each of these vapours, gasses and carriers with just a single overall measurement.

The Versaperm MS system is designed for both product development and quality control environments. It can test any material and any container, though it is usually best to test finished containers as the manufacturing process itself alters their permeability.  Each vapour’s permeability is typically measured to an accuracy in the PPM (Parts Per Million) to Parts Per Billion ranges.

Vapour permeability also controls a cosmetic’s delicate unsaturated lipid bonds, which can easily turn rancid creating unpleasant smells.  The correct permeability helps preserve and enhance product quality as well as preventing the growth of the microorganisms that degrade the product. 

The system can not only measure basic materials, but also those with laminated structures, compound constituents, bonded films (including lipid films) as well as finished, formed, filled and printed packaging. 

Versaperm also offers a consultancy service plus a lab-based permeability service for companies which only need to test samples on an irregular basis.


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