Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


Permeability Protection In plastic laminates, films and coatings

    Permeability Protection In plastic laminates, films and coatings

Plastics, laminates and coatings are amongst the most widely used products on Planet Earth – and just about every one of them is used for protection.  The vapour permeability of these films control many of the most critical properties of both products and packaging and Versaperm's equipment specialises in measuring it. 

Controlling vapour permeability can prevent items from cardboard to cornflakes from going soggy, can prevent missiles or computers from failing, can cause comfort or distress, improve printing, keep food fresh and pharmaceuticals potent.

Versaperm equipment can give you the power to measure, control and adjust the permeability or your products.

The equipment is very sensitive, typically giving accuracies in the Parts Per Million (PPM) range. For some sensitive vapours and materials results can be a thousand times more accurate than this and the latest generation of equipment can measure several samples at one time whilst controlling environmental conditions such as temperature, pressure and partial pressure.  The system can also cycle through diurnal or other variations.

Versaperm equipment's highly innovative design can provide customised production for the same cost as a standard meter.  It can be used for a huge range of materials and all non-prohibited gasses – including water vapour, oxygen, helium, nitrogen CO2 and hydrocarbons.  It can also measure the overall permeability of enclosures, materials, seals, valves, coatings and even complete products.


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