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Pop goes your profit solving the problems of PET drinks bottles

    CO2 permeability and Pop goes your profit

Twelve weeks after bottling a fizzy drink in a PET bottle it can already have lost 15 percent of its sparkle (carbon dioxide).  This changes the taste, the experience and the shelf-life.  Unfortunately, CO2 is very good at permeating through the wall of the bottle, even one made from PET.

Versaperm's offers two ways to reduce this – fortunately they both use exactly the same Versaperm equipment.  It can not only help you to create special "designer" optimised laminated materials which meet the differing needs of different fizzy drinks,  bottle sizes, shapes and manufacturing processes, but also it provides a precise quality control system during the manufacturing processes. 

Testing is even more important than most people realise as manufacturing processes, such as thermoforming, extruding, moulding, heating and pressure, can easily quadruple the amount of vapour that passes through a formed component.

Versaperm's equipment produces results with unprecedented speed and accuracy, which help you understand the ways and rates that CO2 escapes from your bottles or containers.  It allows you to optimise both design and manufacturing processes. 

As different drinks often require substantially different combinations of permeabilities for carbon dioxide, oxygen and water vapour, you can use the system to develop the best combination of materials for any specific products. For example, colas have around half the carbonation of ginger ale and different laminated products need to be used to optimise their containers.

Versaperm's equipment is fast, simple to use, accurate and can measure the permeability of any material sample, component or finished and filled container. It measures to an accuracy in Parts Per Million (PPM) to Parts per Billion (PPB) range.

As well as manufacturing and supplying equipment the company offers both consultancy and laboratory measurement services.


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