Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


Equipment with the Altitude to eliminate Wrap Rage

    the SIV seal strength, burst and altitude multi-test packaging system

Packaging that doesn't tear open can be a real problem - according to Which? magazine* "..four in ten people say they have hurt themselves while trying to open packaging in the last two years." 

But packaging that tears open too easily leads to spilled or spoiled products with a short shelf life. The answer is the SIV seal strength, burst and altitude multi-test packaging system from Versaperm.
The equipment, which can even test the seal strength of a bag inside a box, is non-destructive (except when burst-testing). It can also simulate changes in altitude to ensure packs don't burst open if they are transported at high altitudes, such as in airfreight or on high-altitude trucks.

Versaperm's SIV has been designed to eliminate the widespread problems of burst and spoiled packaging and is compliant with CE and ISO 9001 standards.  It can give a simple pass / fail or feed results into quality control systems for failure trend analysis.

Poor seals can substantially shorten the shelf-life and quality of snacks, food and medicines.  This system provides the ability to balance competing demands of manufacturing, transportation and the ability to open the pack afterwards.  



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