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Permability Of Materials Consultancy …..
Or How To Save UK Industry Over A Billion Pounds a year!

Building materials and vapour vapor Permability
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Permeability related problems cost industry in the UK several billion pounds each year.  Permeability problems cause missiles to fail, food to rot, sports clothing to "leak," equipment to breakdown, drugs to lose potency and printers to jam. 

Versaperm, a world technology and manufacturing leader in the field has introduced an "Industrial Materials' Permeability Consultancy" to help designers and manufacturers overcome any problems.  The service is backed by an in-house laboratory service.

"Permeability problems can be non-intuitive and highly complex", said Technical Director Chris Roberts "for example, Silicone is good barrier against water as a liquid - but it is virtually useless as a barrier against water vapour. Water vapour can pass through it almost as if it wasn't there.  The problems this creates are legion throughout almost every UK industry – from Aerospace to fashion and from electronics through to food and packaging."

The Versaperm Consultancy specialises in the complex and technical areas of materials - including the use of specialist, dedicated and exotic materials, manufacturing techniques and coatings.

The company has many decades of technical experience plus a deep and comprehensive theoretical and practical understanding of the physics behind the permeability of materials, it is usually able to provide answers to problems quickly and efficiently.

The Versaperm Permeability Consultancy also advises on the testing and can even design highly specialised equipment to meet specific testing regimes and requirements for commercial and academic clients as well as quality and testing laboratories.


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