Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Vapour permeability of drinks that lose their sparkle
& how to extend the fizz

Vapour permeability of drinks that lose their sparkle

Within three months or bottling a standard plastic bottle of fizzy drink will have lost around 15 percent of its sparkle. This degrades both the taste and the experience.  The shortness of the shelf life is caused by the CO2 actually permeating through the plastic material the bottle is made from.

Versaperm’s vapour permeability meters are designed to help find the solution to this.  They work on all fizzy drinks - from beer to pop.  And it doesn’t just work with bottles but also kegs, cartons, bottles and even the beer that’s pumped to a tap in a bar.

The best way to solve your loss of sparkle is to use a “designer material.” New types of plastics and technology are reaching the market in ever increasing numbers and it can be cost-effective to create your own “designer” materials that improve a product’s life.  These materials are built up from multiple bonded layers of different plastics, each with different properties. Some layers may offer strength or puncture resistance, others provide enhanced permeability barriers and are designed to stop the fizz (CO2) escaping.

They can be customized to meet the very different needs of individual drinks where they offer substantial advantages over sta ndard materials like PET. A fizzy apple drink will have different needs from a cola or lager.  And ginger beer needs a different solution to a cola or sports drink.  Colas actually only have around half the carbonation of ginger ale.

You not only need to test all new materials, but also the way that are formed to make your container.  Manufacturing processes, such as thermoforming, can increase the rate of fizz lost through your bottles by 400%. All this can be built into your solution.

Versaperm’s equipment measures the vapour permeability of single materials, compound materials and even fully formed containers.  Results are produced with unprecedented speed and accuracy.
During manufacture there is an almost inevitable drift of materials away from specification, which means you need to quality control the vapour permeability of your materials and containers to stop problems before they start. 

Versaperm’s equipment is fast, simple to use, accurate and can measure the permeability of any material sample, component, finished or even a filled container. It measures to an accuracy in Parts Per Million (PPM) to Parts per Billion (PPB) range.

As well as manufacturing and supplying equipment the company offers both consultancy and laboratory measurement services.


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