Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

The power and permeability of ionomers

    permeability of ionomers

Ionomers are an incredibly useful form of plastic that are used for applications as diverse as memory plastics, fuel cells, tooth filling, purification, lubricants, adhesives and the ultra-tough outer cover of golf balls.  Their unique properties include strength, electrical conductivity, thermal stability and high resistance to chemical and acid attack.  Many of these applications rely on their permeability to vapour but their very diversity means they need a highly flexible meter to be able to measure it.  And that’s where Versaperm comes in.

The Versaperm vapour permeability measurement system is versatile, fast, simple to use and accurate in the PPM (Parts per Million) to PPB ranges.  It uses a mass spectrometer and is able to identify and measure vapour permeability for every vapour in general use including those relevant to ionomers and plastics in general. These include water vapour, oxygen, hydrocarbons, CO2 and solvents.

This gives developers and manufacturers the ability to test their products and determine the best ionomer composition to give them the precise combination of properties they need for their application.  Because ionomers sometimes need to work in extreme conditions, the Versaperm equipment can optionally operate at temperatures from -80C to +1100C and from pressures from 0 to 300bar.

A multi-chamber option also allows you to measure multiple products, materials, seals, enclosures, components or packages at the same time. 

As well as developing and manufacturing the equipment the company runs consultancy and laboratory services that offer advice on permeability in complex cases or where the volume or logistics do not mandate a dedicated instrument.


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