Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


Contamination’s Common Cause - and a Cure
Moisture measurement for medical equipment, drug and application packaging, QC and the lab

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Water vapour is everywhere and causes more problems than most other things put together. It can de-activate and contaminate drugs as well as cause medical devices to fail. Yet it is incredibly useful when, for example, as superheated steam it sterilises bandages and syringes actually through the packaging.

The problem is that most seals and materials that act as a barrier to liquid water allow water vapour to pass straight through, virtually unhindered.

The only way to ensure that no inappropriate vapour can pass through is to test it. This is particularly the case as the permeability of a finished package is often wildly different to that of the materials it is made from – so technology leader Versaperm has introduced both a Moisture Vapour Transmission Meter (MVTR) and a comprehensive vapour permeability laboratory testing service.

The meter can measure to an accuracy of better than one part per million and is around 100 times faster than conventional gravimetric techniques. As an added bonus it can be configured to measure the permeability of most other gases, including Hydrogen, Helium, Hydrocarbons, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon.

It can be used on huge range of medical, laboratory, drug and QC materials or enclosures – from foil laminates to inhalers and from analytical instrument enclosures and seals through to packaging. It can also provide measurements of substances that might otherwise be decomposed by normal water content measuring techniques.

Sensitivities are in the PPM (parts per million) or PPB (parts per billion) range depending on the gas. As well as manufacturing the instruments, Versaperm offers a water vapour permeability laboratory service for companies that need to test samples on an irregular basis.


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